I nostri


Open all day until 11 p.m.
Our multilingual staff will assist you with cordality
and competence.

Our delicious “italian breakfast” is served in a huge
and bright room.
Our coffe is very appreciated by our guests.
It’s a real Italian coffe!

WiFi Free:
When you will find out our password you
will really understand
which is our welcoming mood.
In each area and rooms of the hotel free connection
is available.

At the entrance of the hotel you can find some bicycles.
Do you want to take a ride in Luino and surroundings?
You cam take a bike for free.

Free parking:
The Hotel internazionale has a private area where our guests can park.
We remind you that our parking isn’t guarded.

In our breakfast room we have a corner bar dedicated to our guests.
It’s a very appreciated area mostly by those one who travel for work,
beacause they can enjoy a moment of relaxiation drinking great drinks after
an eventful day between offices and meetings.
Our bar is well served.