Tourism with pets in Italy?

It has been off limits until 2004.
“Italy has been out of the rankings of the most welcoming destinations for those who travel with pets until 2004.
From 2004 the trend has changed.
Itay has discovered the value of the pet-friendly tourism.
The disproportion, however, didn’t coincide with the habits of the italians, because the relationship with pets in italian homes has risen up to reach a share one by one.

In our hotel in Luino small and medium size pets are allowed. Most of our customers travel with their dog and love to walk it during the excursions aruond  Lago Maggiore, boat trips or simply on the beach.

Who benefit? The dogs and their owners

How funny is staying with Fido on holiday and play with it whenever you want. The tourist and his dog benefit also of another vantage: they are both relaxed and have so much time to spend together without stress.

Rules for those who travel with their dog

  • Don’t impose your dog or cat on the other hotel guests.
    It would be better if you always bring it with you and never leave it in the room.
  • In case you can’t bring your dog with you, for a particular reason, warn the Hotel and leave your phone number in order to let the employees of the hotel structure contact you in case of need.
  • Dog and cat at home have habits that aren’t always good in the Hotel. If they are used to lie down on the couch or to sleep in the bed, it would be better to avoid it in the hotel room or in the common areas like the living.
  • Always bring with you a blanket or a sheet that you can use¬† for you pet.

Regarding the rates for pets, in our Hotel Internazionle in Luino there is a daily supplement of 10,00 euros. It is important for us to dedicate time and staff also to sanitation and accurate cleaning of the living and rooms in which pets have stayed.

Curiosity about pet-friendly tourism in Italy

Today Italy is a top country for pet-friendly tourism. In few years Italy has exceeded the European average. Today, according to the latest report of the National Business Association for Food and Care of Animals and Zoomark, half of the hotels is pet-friendly, against a European average of 40% and a world one of 37%.